Gender Freedom (GF) is Canada’s newest Transgender Support Group, located in Ottawa, Ontario.

We offer a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment
where individuals can feel free to express themselves and pursue
personal growth. We seek to empower our members through knowledge and educate the community in which we live
through outreach activities.

You are not alone!

~ Judy Anna Kearns, Founder

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Gender Freedom News

Why would a Gender Support group Not Celebrate there 30th Aniversary ?

May 27th, 2018

The ? management of Gender Mosaic Inc. has decided to defer the celebration of the 30th  Anniversary  3 months until September.

The reason is simple, money and greed.

The management has a Spring Fling Event that yields them an estimated $100,000.00 +  dollars and would have interfered with that event.

That’s nice bit of change for a non-profit group and the group it’s self does not get any of that money, save a Kick Back, it is not clear if the Kick Back goes to the group or just the Exectve.

Should you attend that event you will be lining there pockets as the ash trays are full now, and they need new cars.

The group has mutated since it start into this Corporation, there is No Support…….Just Money.

This is indeed a very Special Event, it’s So Sad they don’t see that.

To the rescue comes the 1st, 2nd,and Third Presidents, they have setup a Celebration on May 31h for the members of GM, for more information kindly contact genderfreedom@genderfreedom.ca

Huggs always



Gender Mosaic


Trans History Project

February 24th, 2018

Hi all

Good news Tara Sypniewski the 2nd President of GM has released her Trans History to the public.

A list of significant and not so significant events in Ottawa’s trans history by date.

Tracking the evolution of our community.

It can be found at

Ottawa Trans History

Our Thanks



Thoughts on Bullies (re-post)

January 3rd, 2018

Although there is still a scientific debate on the nature and definition of bullying, most researchers understand this behavior as aggression characterized by:

  1. causing intentional harm,
  2. repetition, and
  3. an imbalance of power between the bully and the victim.

Bullies appear to derive satisfaction from inflicting injury and suffering on others, seem to have little empathy for their victims, and often defend their actions by saying that their victims provoked them in some way.

Bullies often come from homes in which physical punishment is used, where striking out physically is seen as a way to handle problems and where friendships and warmth are frequently lacking. Sociologists agree that children who have been bullied tend to become bullies themselves. Researchers also agree that all bullies share two key personality characteristics: Low self esteem and profound insecurity.

Boys and girls bully differently but its still about power and control.

Boys will beat you up and feel they have won because youre the one with the black eye and bleeding nose. But they have won nothing. The victory is shallow and exists only in their minds.

Girls, on the other hand, tend to choose rumors, criticism and ostracism as methods of bulling. In it’s own way, this kind of  ‘psychological warfare’ can be more damaging and harder to combat than the simple physical abuse traditionally preferred by boys.

Bystanders also play a role in bullying:

  • the enforcers join in and assist the bully
  • the re-enforcers encourage the bully by observing and laughing
  • the outsiders avoid the bullying by staying away and not getting involved for fear of losing social status or being bullied as well.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of bullying is that it doesn’t end with childhood. Childhood bullies often become adult bullies. Their methods become more subtle but their basic behavior patterns remain the same.

We have recently been hearing a lot about adult bullying in newspaper and magazine articles about office bullying and, in particular, ‘the bully boss’. The bully boss’s leadership style is usually described as ‘my way or the highway’ and he or she almost always surrounds him/herself with multiple enforcers and re-enforcers.

The bully boss is also characterized by a top-down management style. She/he consults the employees under her/his authority only to inform them of decisions already made at the executive level; never to seek their guidance or opinions. If the employees choose to remain ‘outsiders’ and simply ‘go with the flow’, the bully boss is successful in maintaining his/her position of power and control. If, however, any employee dares to question the bully boss’s policies or actions, the employee can expect to face the boss’s retribution. Retribution may come in the form of reprimands, threats and (in extreme cases) material punishments such as demotions or suspensions.

The bully boss can also – and all too often does – appear in the leadership of service clubs, volunteer-based groups and other non-commercial organizations. Almost invariably, the bully boss, as President of the club, surrounds him/herself with enforcers and re-enforcers and alienates any non-outsiders – anyone who disagrees with with their top-down policies and poses a threat to their power and control.

I have recently been the victim of this kind of treatment, from the leaders of a group I founded over 30 years ago (GenderMosaic Inc.). The president along with his clique of enforcers systematically drove many talented, dedicated and valuable members out of the organization when they questioned his leadership style, agenda and decisions.

My solution was to leave the old group and start a new one, based on bottom-up, member-driven policies and agendas.

As for the bullies, I feel sorry for them. If the leadership of a small group on the fringes of the GLBT community means so much to them, their lives must be very sad and empty, indeed.

~Judy Kearns

Provided as a community service by Ottawa’s Genderfreedom.

October 17th, 2017


(French description to follow- Description en Français à suivre.)

On Sunday, October 22nd 2017, CSA members around the world will be opening their offices to union and non-union transgender actors (including non-binary, gender non-conforming and genderqueer actors). Artists who are professionally trained as well as those actively pursuing professional careers as performers are welcome to attend. Artists will be given an opportunity to do a 2-page prepared scene in front of a panel of 2-3 CSA casting directors.


DATE: Sunday, October 22nd 2017

TIMES (local time, per location): 11.00am – 1.00pm & 2.00pm – 4.00pm

LOCATIONS (Including but not limited to): Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Barcelona, Vancouver.

KENYON-WELLS CASTING will be hosting the MONTREAL OPEN CALL and we encourage local talent in Montreal, Ottawa, and surrounding areas to sign up!

USE THIS LINK TO SIGN UP: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080944a4ab29a7f49-20179



The audition will take place in English, but performers with accents are warmly encouraged to apply.

You will be required to prepare a 2-page scene- either of your choice or provided by Kenyon-Wells Casting- that showcases you as an actor.

We will have a reader available but feel free to bring someone to read (off camera) with you.

If you plan to use our reader please bring an additional copy of the scene for them.

NOTE: Participants will be required to sign a basic release allowing CSA members to view and internally distribute scenes.

Please feel free to contact Kenyon-Wells Casting if you have any questions or would like to be provided with a scene to prepare: kenyonwellscasting@gmail.com or call 514-948-2000 and ask for Katharine.

Questions or if you’re in a location where a CSA office isn’t available?

Please email: CSAInclusionandDiversity@gmail.com

Media Inquiries: Ty Gates Ty@fifteenminutes.com

~ ~ ~


Dimanche le 22 octobre 2017, les membres de CSA a travers le monde vont ouvrir leurs portes au personnes transgenres qui sont membres union ou non-union (incluant les acteurs non-binaire, non-conformité du genre, et genderqueer). Les interprètes qui sont formés professionnellement ainsi que les personnes qui poursuivent une carrière professionnelle comme acteur sont bienvenue. Les artistes vont avoir l’opportunité de preparé une scène de 2 pages pour 2-3 directeur de casting CSA.


DATE: Dimanche le 22 Octobre 2017

QUAND: (temps local, par emplacement): : 11h00 – 13h00 & 14h00 – 16h00

LIEUX (Incluant mais pas limiter à): Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Barcelona, Vancouver.

KENYON-WELLS CASTING iront un APPEL OUVERT À MONTREAL et ont encourage le talent locale à Montreal, Ottawa et des autres lieux proches a soummettre!

UTLISER CE LIEN A SOUMETTRE: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080944a4ab29a7f49-20179



Les auditions seront en Anglais, mais les personnes qui ont un accent sont bienvenue.

Vous serez demander a préparé une scène de 2 pages – soit de votre choix ou une scène donner par Kenyon-Wells Casting- qui démontre vos talents comme interprète.

On va avoir quelqu’un pour lire avec vous, mais vous êtes libres a apporter quelqu’un pour lire avec vous. Si vous voulez lire votre scène avec notre lecteur, s’il vous plait apporter une deuxième copie de la scène avec vous.

NOTE: Les participants doivent completer une formulaire de décharge qui donne permission aux membres de CSA de voir et distribuer leur scenes.

Si vous avez des questions ou vous voulez une scène pour preparer, vous êtes bienvenue a contacter Kenyon-Wells Casting : kenyonwellscasting@gmail.com ou appeler 514-948-2000 et demander pour Katharine.

Questions générales? Ou vous êtes pas dans une location où il y a un lieu CSA?

Courriel: CSAInclusionandDiversity@gmail.com

Media: Ty Gates Ty@fifteenminutes.com


Your Web Mistress

Judy Kearns


Voted the Most Ineffective Transgendered Support Group in Canada.

August 31st, 2015

Well it happened again, the Second Annual meeting of the 3 Originating Presidents of Gender Mosaic (Spanning 7 years) met on August 28 2015 at Monkeys Joes in Ottawa.

We talked, ate, had a white wine toast, reminisced old friends, and just caught up on each others current lives.

We spent some time discussing what has happened to Gender Mosaic and their was some discussion of trying to go back and help.

Wisely this was dismissed and a majority vote was reached, Gender Mosaic is the most Ineffective Transgendered Support Group in Canada.

As a result Gender Mosaic and the current Executive have been issued a Certificate by us to that effect.

Starting with Kelly’s illegal motion to have my Life Membership removed.

February 2010

Item 1-No outstanding expenditures.

Item 2-All members of the Executive were re-acclaimed.

Item 3-Kelly Ann put a motion to have Judy removed as a lifetime member and a vote of Yea was passed by the Executive.

Followed by the Amanda/Sophips only way out while reaping $133,000.00 in profit from their Spring Fling event, to declare all Life memberships in-valid but those that one could keep them for 3 months ..What’s that about ?

“Lifetime memberships.”
“Lifetime memberships never existed in the GM bylaws.”
“Special memberships are clearly defined as people who cannot afford to pay a membership.”
Previous executive did not have authority to issue lifetime memberships. The membership therefore concludes that lifetime memberships never existed (The membership never concluded and was not permitted to even vote) and as such the benefits of supposed lifetime memberships are null and void.”
The benefits of supposed lifetime memberships will therefore expire at the end of 2013.”
“The membership has the option to propose amendments to bylaws to create lifetime memberships or other modifications at any future general meeting.”
This item is not an item to be voted upon.”

The Membership where not permitted to vote and it was an edict of the Executive.

This is a group without direction and the present leadership ? of Janne Charbonneau, Kay Lockhart and Madeleine Grant do nothing to correct the failings of the former Executive.

 A group going nowhere without direction or purpose, I have been ask when I will stop the information trial on GM the answer is simple….when they do the right thing.

 Judy Kearns