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Monday, June 1st, 2015

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Dr. Barwin is retiring!

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

Dr. B. Norman Barwin, one of the Ottawa trans community’s most cherished medical resource people, is retiring officially this summer. His office will close forever at the end of the regular practice day on August 29, 2014.

Dr. Barwin has guided hundreds of Ottawa and area transsexuals through their biochemical transitions over the past several decades and has received the highest awards for service our community can bestow. He retires after 50 years of medical practice as a Gynecologist and Endocrinologist.

All of us at Gender Freedom wish Dr. Barwin all the best in a long, happy and active retirement. We look forward to seeing him on the bike paths and the cross country ski trails!

~ Maggie James

There at it again – That Vicious Gender Mosaic group just won’t stop…

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

Removing my Life Membership that was not enough for them.

Now, for the second time, they have published a YouTube video with my name and photos trying to out me.

The first time I sent them a Cease and Desist order, they pulled the video.

Now they have put it back up under a different name in the hopes I would not fined it.

You Tube is now reviewing this matter and will decide if the account will be cancelled.

I have had removed this video for Privacy Violation

I am seeking legal counsel and will use any means at my disposal to shut down this destructive group.

Be forewarned: If they are willing to do this to the founder, what will they do to you

It seems that all they want is their $113,000.00 dollars per year from their Spring Event, and nothing more.

I feel sorry for them if this is all that makes their lives complete. I could never live like that.

– Judy K.

Founder Gender Mosaic


Now we know What kind of EXEC the GM group has.

Thursday, February 6th, 2014
Well it has been 60 days since I asked the Gender Mosaic group to provide the charges and specifications of the removal of my life membership in the group. The fact that they have failed to provide that information clearly indicates that there are no specifications or charges on the record.
In fact, they have not responded officially at all. Only one member of the Executive that approved the removal has responded on their personal behalf as has said only “The GM Executive is an un-paid group of volunteers”.
We need to look closer at that.
The Senior Executives of GM Amanda and Sophia do not get paid by GM as far as I’m told, but there is more to their involvement in both the group and the Fling than meets the eye.
They also run an enterprise called the Gal’s Spring Fling, a seven-day event in Gananoque in the Thousand Islands. A single day will cost you $300.00. The full 7 day package is more in the $1300.00 range. Some of the attendees are closeted and not so open there; many pay in cash.
The organizers bragged that they had 87 attendees last year. A fast bit of math will show that’s $113,100.00 – not bad for a non-profit, tax-free arrangement.
The former President, Kelly Ann, told me there is a Kickback to GM based on the number of GM members in attendance, however she was not clear if this went to some of the Executive, all the Executive members, or if any of the money reached the group’s bank account.   
The Gal’s Spring Fling organizers (and apparently members of the GM Executive) use their positions, GM’s name (for what it’s worth theses days) and GM’s Website to line their pockets and have convinced the members that they are the good guys.
I think they are a bunch of men-in-dresses fleecing the sheep in the fold.
At the very least, the Gal’s Spring Fling organizers are in a serious conflict of interest position, and I will seek a full accounting of GM and The Spring Filing with Revenue Canada. Be sure to wear your best, girls. As an incorporated not-for-profit entity, GM must be held to a higher standard of accountability than it was in the past, when it was simply an informal gathering of like-minded people working in support of their shared goals.
I will report the results when they are issued. And remember: Gender Freedom is here to help.
Judy K.

What kind of Executives does GM have running it ?

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Date: December 04 2013

To: The Gender Mosaic Executive and Members of GM

Subject: The illegal motion put forward by Kelly 3 years ago.

When we last wrote on this item you told me to wait and you would rewrite the bylaws. Well, that’s been done. I have read the ‘new and improved’ bylaws a dozen times, now.

I cannot find the clause that says a single motion put forth by any member of the Executive is grounds to dismiss and a member, much less cancel a Life membership.

The now-numbered article 20 dictates the method to be used to remove a member.

This has NOT been followed, and GM has left the whole item to fester for 3 years, now, with the hope that the illegal motion would be forgotten.

What kind of Executives does GM have running it ?

The kind that is too cowardly to address an issue and find a resolution. I’m sure glad you’re not running my finances – nothing would be paid.

This letter and your response will be published on the front page of my web site so the world can see how GM runs.

So now you have the opportunity to show what GM is made of, make it a good one.

– Judy Kearns

 Cynthia-Ray Has sent a response:

I just want to know when you will stop this. Do you blame everybody for
the actions in the past. You brought many of these on yourself, so please
stop this bombardment of negative comments

I have responded:

Dear Cynthia

In a democratic society, when there wrong-doing is allaged, charges are laid, the defendant mounts a defence, the facts are presented to a group of their peers and there is a finding of guilty or not.

Gender Mosaic has not provided those rights to me. The then-executive didn’t even put the matter to the membership. Instead, there was a 5-minute executive meeting and the decision was stamped. In fact, I was never even notified of the event until nearly a year later, when I found out in an angry e-mail from the Kelly Ann, herself.

I will accept the removal of my Life Membership if the bylaws are followed. After all, they have just been re-written. Surely, the group follows them. As a corporation operating in Ontario, it is the law.

I will now answer your first question: Never. One cannot pick and choose the laws they want to obey and the ones they do not want to obey. Can you imagine what would happen at a Football or Hockey game if this kind of selective enforcement of regulations? That’s why they have referees. And society has due process.

GM executive committees, then and (apparently) now, operate independently of their bylaws for the benefit of the those in their midst who enjoy financial benefits from being in their positions.

Cynthia is the only member to respond to date. As in the former Soviet Union, she may well be risking sanctions or expulsion for doing so. Although, the current Executive seems much less draconian in its tactics than some previous ones.

Where are the Executive members? Hiding in their closets? That’s where I found them when I founded this group back in 1988.



Date: December 09 2013

To:  The Gender Mosaic Executive and GM Members

Subject: Charges and Specifications

 Kindly provide me with a copy of the Charges and Specifications used to support Kelly’s illegal motion to have my Life Membership removed.

The details must be really bad to warrant the dismissal of a Life Member, as there have only been two LMs in the 25 years of Gender Mosaic’s history.

But we are all adults here and I’m sure we can take a little pain.

This disclosure will also help the only existing Life Member to avoid the perils and pit falls.

Failure to comply with my request would demonstrate that there are no recorded charges or specifications, and makes the whole affair look like a cover-up to protect a former Executive’s poor judgment and actions.

Come on, now! That Executive is no longer in power. It’s time to get this matter out in the open and resolve it.

Judy Kearns,