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Bill C-389 the Greatest bill in Human History.

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Gender Freedom


 **************** Update ****************

The bill is slated for debate at third reading on March 3, but what has become apparent is that there will be only one hour of debate instead of two, given that a vote was forced at report stage. As it stands, this would mean that a final vote would be on March 9 (the first Wednesday after the debate).

As of yet, Siksay hasnt had any discussions with senators about who would be willing to shepherd the bill through the Upper Chamber, but he says that may have to do as much with the availability of certain senators to champion the cause as it does interest in doing so.

A Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth has stated on the record that she will support the bill when it comes before the Senate.

 **************** Update ****************

It’s time to move.

The list below is of the Members of Parliament that have said NAY to bill C-389.

These are the target !

I request that we all send them letters, I have included a link to both French an English versions of this letter.

It is time for action, We have waited 20+ years to be declared Human beings under the law in the best country in the world, Canada.

I have sent out 50 letters this morning and I will continue, it’s postage free .

Most of our traffic comes from Canada but we a lot from the US, Great Britain and the rest of the world.

The world is watching this very closely and what happens here will shape the world around us.

So I implore all of you to speak to those in power, this will be one of the most pivotal Moments in Human History.

English letter.

French letter.


Transgender Day of Remembrance

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Transgender Day of Remembrance, Saturday, November 20th, 2010 11:00 am, Ottawa Police Headquarters 474 Elgin St, Ottawa, Ontario.

The Transgender Day of Remembrance will be a three event day this year. Starting at 1:00 pm the Ottawa Police Services will host a Flag Raising at Ottawa Police Headquarters, 474 Elgin St.

Immediately following the Flag Raising there will be a Transgender March to Parliament Hill to show our support for Bill C-389.

A Candle Light Vigil will be held at 7:00 pm at the Canadian Human Rights Monument to commemorate the people who have lost their lives due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice in this past year.

The Transgender Day of Remembrance was established to memorialize those who have lost their lives due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice.

The project Remembering our Dead was launched following Rita Hesters murder on November 28th 1998.

A year later a Candle Light Vigil was held in San Francisco. Since then the Transgender Community has held numerous events in cities around the world on November 20th to commemorate the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

The Transgender Day of Remembrance is also an opportunity for the Transgender Community to raise awareness and celebrate the positive things that have happened in our community.

The Flag Raising at Ottawa Police Headquarters, which is a Canadian first, and Bill C-389 being debated in Parliament are among the highlights. Bill C-389 – currently awaiting Third Reading – will add Gender Identity and Gender Expression to the Human Rights Code.

This will give Transgender people specific rights under the law, that are currently lacking

Your Webmistress.


Ottawa Pride 2010

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

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Kudos go to Maggie James for bring us this fantastic tool.


And now on to the Parade.


Pride Cornwall at Waterfest

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

From: Paul Aubin, Pride/Fiert Cornwall ~

It’s finally happening!

This Saturday, the Blazing Paddles, Pride/Fiert Cornwall’s team in the Cornwall Waterfest dragon boat competition, will be taking to the waters of the historic Cornwall Canal to compete in the dragon boat race at the first ever Cornwall Waterfest. We’ll be one of some twenty teams participating in this event, which begins at 8:00 am and goes on until 3:00 pm. (The exact time our team will be racing will be made public soon, pending the organizers’ negotiations with 22 Dragons, a boating club in Montral who are helping to stage the race.) We invite all those in Cornwall’s LGBT community, our friends and our allies, to come out this Saturday – and indeed, all weekend long – to partake in Cornwall’s first ever festival which celebrates our riverfront. The festival will take place in the Western part of Lamoureux Park, behind the RCAF Association Wing #424 on Water Street.

When you’re not cheering on the Blazing Paddles, there’ll be plenty of other activities during during the day, including a dunk tank with a host of local personalities who have signed up as willing victims. I myself will be taking to the hot seat at approximately 2:00 pm, so if you’ve ever wanted to throw something at me, here’s your chance.;-) Three balls for five bucks. What a bargain!

The plans for our involvement in this have been in the works for many weeks. We are eternally grateful to those who have signed up for our team. We also thank our official sponsors, the Cornwall Free News and J.C. Wilson. And we especially thank Rony of Shorteez, the Urban Hair Shop for his logistical assistance and recruiting many of the team’s members.

All proceeds raised from Cornwall Waterfest are going to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. If you’d like to sponsor our team and make a donation, please click this link and follow the instructions.

For more information, including the complete itinerary of activities, visit

Paul Aubin

Pride/Fiert Cornwall

A word or two on Ottawa Pride

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Gender Freedom

With the annual Ottawa Pride festivities on the horizon, I feel it is incumbent upon me to add some words to the meaning of Pride – specifically in reference to the way the Pride concept relates to the TG community.

This is a story of deep human tragedy. During the 1950 and 1960s most gays were deeply closeted, and when confronted usually left quietly. With no means of redress, they accepted their fate. We know of at least 400 resignations were forced through the threat of exposure. There are records also of suicides and ruined careers.

Even Brian Mulroney stated, “…this would appear to be one of the great outrages and violations of fundamental liberties…” Without doubt, the victims of the various purges are owed an apology by the government. The government must acknowledge the wrong doing.

Although the witch-hunts died out in the early 1970s the impact on our community and collective psyche was powerful and long lasting.

The Transgendered are also a hidden target. Back in the day, to be transgendered was the same as being labeled ‘Gay’ and we to had to hide.

This improved a bit in the 70s and 80s and in the late 80s I took a stand and started Ottawas 1st lasting Transgender support group.

The seeds of understanding and acceptance I planted 25 years ago have taken root in this rather barren soil, but the organization I founded has often been viewed as a radical fringe group.

Now, however, we hide no more. And, with the strong connections we and other Ottawa TG groups now have to the GLBT, we are being seen and heard.

Pride is now seen as being  for all of us and we walk tall.

Gender Freedom is still in its infancy and, as a result, we will not be represented separately in the Pride parade this year. But watch out for us next year. We will be there! Some of the original members will be there, representing a number of organizations. But all be there for the same reason.

Thank you all for allowing me to rail a bit. I feel better now…