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When Support Groups go Bad #1

Monday, November 28th, 2011

To fully understand whats going on here, we are going to have to go back to where the rot started in the oldest trans support group in Canada. So, we will turn the clock back a bit, to 2008.

At that time, I was approached by the then 2nd Vice President, Kelly Ann. She came to my home and asked me if I would be the 1st Key Note Speaker at Gender Mosaics 20th anniversary.

After some discussion I agreed and a short time later I found my self on stage in front of 100 members and friends at the Ottawa City Hall.

There on stage with the 2nd Key Note Speaker the then retired Deputy Chief of Police Larry Hill and, finally, Dr. Norman Barwin, I was pleased to have returned to the group I started so long ago, and in such good company.

A short time latter, 2nd Vice President Kelly Ann came to see me again. This time, she had a rather unusual request. She wanted me to help her overthrow the current Executive and help her take over the group.

Kelly told me she didnt like transsexuals and the fact that the current executive was a mostly transsexual she wanted to crush it.

She had with her a 4-page letter, berating and badgering the current executive signed only: “Anonymous”.

She asked if I would publish it to the group’s private e-mail list as any other member would be severely sanctioned for such an open post, and there was little they could do to me,  as the founder. (Note this for further reference).

I struggled with this for a number of days. What had the group mutated into?

It was, when I started it a support group of friends. But now, it seemed to be more like the gangsters of the 1950 making “hits”.

After a few days, pushing back from Kelly Ann and engaging in some deep thought, I agreed, and published it.

The results where immediate

The members all raised their voices, and the then-president Beth had her hands full with questions.

She even took a verbal swat at me on the Christmas party issue.

The results where as predicted: The President, 1st Vice President , 2nd and Webmisstress stepped down.

This propelled Kelly Ann to President with carte blanche to put in her own 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents, and Secretary.

She made me Webmistress and things ran well for a while. But but that soon changed.

Kelly Ann begin badgering her hand-picked secretary, and pressed her to step down. She left the group.

Next she went after the group’s Media Relations Officer, and, with the help of her enforcers and re-enforcers, drove her off as well, despite my protests.

By this time, it had become clear that the position had gone to Kelly Ann’s head, and no one could dare question the executive.

This is getting long for a single post, so I will end it here, for now, but there will be more, as all the dark truths about the GM Executive become apparent.

~ Judy Kearns



When Support Groups go Bad

Monday, November 7th, 2011

For those that have been following The Notes From the Under Ground News Letter:

In the last issue I introduced the name change to Gender Mosaic of the N.O.W support group.

In the next series of articles I will reveal all the truths about the group and its executive members.

These articles will demonstrate the pitfalls and show how not to run a support group.

It is my hope that this will help other groups avoid the issues that have come up so they do not make the same mistakes that the Gender Mosaic group has.

This series of articles is meant to be informational and should not be misconstrued as an attack. It may, however, make some members feel uncomfortable.

Keep watching.


Gender Mosaic