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Transgender Day of Remembrance a Farce, look at who is doing the Hurting now.

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

The Transgender Day of  Remembrance was celebrated on November 20, 2012, by the Ottawa Police force, the Mayor and the Executive of Gender Mosaic.

At a ceremony held at the Ottawa police station.

The MetroNews organization published a photo of those involved as shown below, however it does not tell the whole story.


From left: Police Chief Charles Bordeleau, Mayor Jim Watson,
Gender Mosaic president Sophia Cassivi, Coun Eli EI-Chantiry,
Gender Mosaic second vice-president Amanda Ryan and
Gender Mosaic treasure Kay Lockhart cut the cake at
Police Headquarters to commemorate
Trans Day of Remembrance.

While they put on a good show the truth is they are the Ones Doing the Hurting.

Gender Mosaic has badgered members out of the group, harassed Lifetime members and even voided Lifetime Memberships – without due process, at the whim of a disgruntled Ex President.

In a recent statement, Group Founder Judy Kearns said, “I’m ashamed to have been such a large part of this group’s beginnings, looking at where it has gone”.

Kearns has been trying for some time now to have the Illegal motion put forth by the disgruntled Ex President reversed but the current Executive has refused, saying only that they will change the By-Laws.

Kearns has been talking to some members, although all members have been ordered by the Executive not to talk to her.

It appears some of the members are not happy with changes to the By-laws by Leadership that has and is shown such a disregard for them.

Kearns said, “I have had discussions with others who were unfairly treated by GM and a joint action is being considered.”

I’m in the process of creating a legal claim and blocking Gender Mosaic’s Incorporation on the grounds that they do not follow the By-Laws they have set forth.

Now, as Canadians try to have bill C-279 (a law to protect basic transgendered rights) passed to law, Canada’s Oldest Transgendered support group, Gender Mosiac, ignores their own Bylaws, already in place for 25 years.

I maintain that the action of the Executive voids their Bylaws completely.  One can not choose which laws they will follow and which ones they will not.

Gender Mosaic is now without rules or regulations as the money-hungry Executive ( Amanda, Sophia ) rule without limits and insure there are no Mediators – just Dictators.

Where will this end? As with all Dictators, there will come a time when they are kicked out  and Law and Order are restore.  I look forward to that day!

Until then, Gender Mosaic will continue to put forth the face of a support group while hiding the real truth of it’s operation.

The president ( Sophia ) and second vice-President ( Amanda ) continue to make money from their Spring Fling venture using Gender Mosaic to fill their pockets while systematically destroying 25 years of constructive support and help.

“I do not want to go ahead with legal action. But if they are willing to break and ignore there own By-Laws, even taking it as far as banning the group’s founder for speaking out against them, then none of the members is safe from the wrath of the GM Executive,” Kearns warned.