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Membership NOT happy with Gender Mosaic Executive; Threatens Legal Action

Sunday, January 13th, 2013




The Executive of Gender Mosaic is Happiest Breaking the Bylaws of the group

During the last General meeting a member pointed out an error in operations.

From the Gender Mosaic Web site:

Record of decision
Gender Mosaic General Meeting
November 10, 2012
The President called the meeting to order at 19:35

Quorum in attendance. (22 members)

Updating of Gender Mosaic by-laws.

Sophia Cassivi opened the General Meeting at 19:35.

Sophy Thomas immediately declared a point of order withholding the unanimous consent that the Executive had requested of GM members in order to hold a meeting to update by-laws with 25 days notice as opposed to the 35 days stipulated in the by-laws.

Discussion ensued.

As by-laws committee chair, Janne Charbonneau suggested as an option to the members that the General Meeting itself was indeed within the 14 day required notice period and that the members could vote whether or not to proceed with the meeting as scheduled.

Sophy Thomas interjeeted and threatened legal action against Gender Mosaic if the assembly proceeded thus.

Discussion ensued.

In keeping with the original notice sent to all members 25 days earlier, the President suggested to accept the withholding of unanimous consent by even a single person and postpone the item to the next General Meeting.

Motion to adjourn by Samantha Perrin. Seconded by Linda Slater.
Meeting adjourned at 20:30

NOTE: The Gender Mosaic Executive cannot wait for approval of the members to change the Bylaws and has already modified Article 2 changing the name from Gender Mosaic  to Gender Mosaic  Incorporated without the members consent .

This is what they used to read:

Article 2 Name of the Organization

2.1 The name of the organization shall be “Gender Mosaic”, herein after referred to as GM.

2.2 Gender Mosaic shall be a non-profit organization

This is what they read now:

Article 2 Name of the Organization

2.1 The legal name of the organization shall be Gender Mosaic Inc. / Mosaïque de Genres Inc., commonly referred to as GM, MG, Gender Mosaic or Mosaïque de Genres.

2.2 Gender Mosaic shall be a provincially incorporated not for profit corporation.

The original Bylaws had a Header at the top showing the date the bylaws where accepted by all the members; that has been removed as well.

I wonder what other things have been changed?  I hold all the original information from the GM website and the bylaws as presented on the Gender Mosaic website have definitely been Altered & Tampered With! If the Membership approved this,  I would like them to show in the record when the membership approved this change to the bylaws.

How can the membership Trust the Executive to update the groups Bylaws when they don’t know what they are and constantly ignore them when the fancy strikes them, or change them in a very back-door way and and hope no one notices?

I have been a victim of Gender Mosaic’s uncontrollable Executive.

Money Hungry, Power Mad, and headed for self destruction.

The current Executive should all be replaced with Rats because there are some things even Rats won’t do and this Executive seems to think it is above the Law.

With the 25 years of  Help and Support in the balance, the GM Exec is willing to toss it all out to ensure that they get their “Cut”.

So Sad.:cry:

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