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Something Wonderful Happened!

Sunday, July 21st, 2013


On July 12, 2013, ‘Something Wonderful Happened’.

There was a meeting of the first three Presidents of Gender Mosaic, the pioneers of the Transgender movement in Ottawa and Canada!

We met at Monkey Joe’s on Carling Ave.

At that time, we share a flavoured beer, had a white wine toast, enjoyed a meal and recounted the real beginnings of the transgender movement in Ottawa.

It was wonderful to be with my friends of 25 plus years, something the current members of Gender Mosaic (GM) will never get to enjoy.

You see, the current Gender Mosaic group does not encourage friendship. Its sole goal seems to be making money.

There was some talk of GM at our meeting, but the consensus was that the current GM is in a shambles and headed on downward on a slippery slope.

Joanne Law (1993-1998) was the third and fifth President of the group.

Joanne has been active with her new group Ottawa’s Freedom Center, headquartered at 265 Montreal Road Suite 4 (613-422-2294) There is nothing else I can add on Joanne Law. Should you doubt me Try Googling her!

Teddy (1990-1992) was the second President of the group. Teddy served the group with honesty and an internally driven goal to keep the principles of friendship and help in the forefront, while moving forward with the cause.

Judy Kearns (1988-1990) – that’s me – was the first President – simply because someone had to do it. A couple of years ago, GenderMosaic’s Executive split with me because I was critical of the way they were running the group, and cancelled my lifetime membership in the group. Recently, they tried to out me using a YouTube video that included my name and photos.

Unless you want to risk receiving this kind of treatment, I recommend that you stay away from today’s Gender Mosaic!

But never fear! is here for you! GF is deeply involved with the R.O.H. and its trans-related programs. GF’s Transition Mentoring Program, spearheaded by our own Maggie James, continues to be a resounding success, helping dozens of trans and gender-questioning people every year make the right contacts in the Ottawa Region trans support community.

I trust that this meeting of the founders of gender freedom in Canada will become a yearly event. I know we’ll have a lot to talk about!

~ Judy Kearns