May I have a second bowl of soup ? What !



The release of the study by Food Banks Canada says almost 1 in 10 of the record 867,948 people who walked through the doors of a food bank in March of this year were a first-time users.

I have a unique perspective on this as a close family member works for the Ottawa Food Bank shipping 12 tons of food a day to the needy in Ottawa.

Many nights I dont eat but not out of lack of the ability to afford food but empathy for those that cannot.

Canada is in my opinion the finest place in the world to live and I find it hard to believe we cant feed our own people.

However when I see politicians getting a $60,000 pension after 6 years of service I understand why we need food banks but not what they do to justify this golden handshake.

Please join me in pledging some money to your local Food Bank. 

Note: Every dollar you pledge will provide five dollars of food.

Very sadly reporting.


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