Bill C-389 the Greatest bill in Human History.


Gender Freedom


 **************** Update ****************

The bill is slated for debate at third reading on March 3, but what has become apparent is that there will be only one hour of debate instead of two, given that a vote was forced at report stage. As it stands, this would mean that a final vote would be on March 9 (the first Wednesday after the debate).

As of yet, Siksay hasnt had any discussions with senators about who would be willing to shepherd the bill through the Upper Chamber, but he says that may have to do as much with the availability of certain senators to champion the cause as it does interest in doing so.

A Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth has stated on the record that she will support the bill when it comes before the Senate.

 **************** Update ****************

It’s time to move.

The list below is of the Members of Parliament that have said NAY to bill C-389.

These are the target !

I request that we all send them letters, I have included a link to both French an English versions of this letter.

It is time for action, We have waited 20+ years to be declared Human beings under the law in the best country in the world, Canada.

I have sent out 50 letters this morning and I will continue, it’s postage free .

Most of our traffic comes from Canada but we a lot from the US, Great Britain and the rest of the world.

The world is watching this very closely and what happens here will shape the world around us.

So I implore all of you to speak to those in power, this will be one of the most pivotal Moments in Human History.

English letter.

French letter.


Nay Jim Abbott

Nay Diane Ablonczy

Nay Leona Aglukkaq

Nay Harold Albrecht

Nay Mike Allen

Nay Dean Allison

Nay Rona Ambrose

Nay Rob Anders

Nay David Anderson

Nay Scott Armstrong

Nay Keith Ashfield

Didn’t vote John Baird

Nay Leon Benoit

Nay Maxime Bernier

Nay James Bezan

Nay Jean-Pierre Blackburn

Nay Steven Blaney

Nay Kelly Block

Yea Sylvie Boucher

Nay Ray Boughen

Nay Peter Braid

Nay Garry Breitkreuz

Nay Patrick Brown

Nay Gord Brown

Nay Lois Brown

Nay Rod Bruinooge

Didn’t vote Dona Cadman

Nay Paul Calandra

Nay Blaine Calkins

Nay Ron Cannan

Yea Lawrence Cannon

Nay Colin Carrie

Nay Rick Casson

Nay Michael Chong

Nay Rob Clarke

Didn’t vote Tony Clement

Nay John Cummins

Nay Patricia Davidson

Nay Stockwell Day

Nay Bob Dechert

Nay Dean Del Mastro

Nay Barry Devolin

Nay Earl Dreeshen

Didn’t vote John Duncan

Nay Rick Dykstra

Nay Ed Fast

Nay Diane Finley

Nay Jim Flaherty

Nay Steven Fletcher

Nay Royal Galipeau

Nay Cheryl Gallant

Yea Shelly Glover

Nay Peter Goldring

Nay Gary Goodyear

Nay Jacques Gourde

Nay Nina Grewal

Nay Bernard Greux

Didn’t vote Stephen Harper

Nay Dick Harris

Nay Laurie Hawn

Nay Russ Hiebert

Nay Randy Hoback

Nay Candice Hoeppner

Nay Ed Holder

Nay Brian Jean

Nay Randy Kamp

Yea Gerald Keddy

Nay Jason Kenney

Nay Peter Kent

Nay Greg Kerr

Nay Ed Komarnicki

Nay Daryl Kramp

Nay Mike Lake

Nay Guy Lauzon

Nay Denis Lebel

Nay Pierre Lemieux

Nay Ben Lobb

Nay Tom Lukiwski

Nay Gary Lunn

Nay James Lunney

Didn’t vote Peter MacKay

Nay Dave MacKenzie

Nay Colin Mayes

Nay Phil McColeman

Nay Cathy McLeod

Nay Ted Menzies

Nay Rob Merrifield

Nay Larry Miller

Yea James Moore

Nay Rob Moore

Nay Rob Nicholson

Nay Rick Norlock

Nay Gordon O’Connor

Nay Tilly O’Neill-Gordon

Nay Deepak Obhrai

Nay Bev Oda

Nay Christian Paradis

Nay LaVar Payne

Nay Daniel Petit

Nay Pierre Poilievre

Nay�Joe Preston

Didn’t vote Lisa Raitt

Nay James Rajotte

Nay Brent Rathgeber

Nay Scott Reid

Nay Blake Richards

Didn’t vote Lee Richardson

Nay Greg Rickford

Nay Gerry Ritz

Nay Andrew Saxton

Nay Andrew Scheer

Nay Gary Schellenberger

Nay Gail Shea

Nay Bev Shipley

Nay Devinder Shory

Nay Joy Smith

Nay Kevin Sorenson

Nay Bruce Stanton

Nay Brian Storseth

Nay Chuck Strahl

Nay David Sweet

Nay Greg Thompson

Nay David Tilson

Nay Vic Toews

Nay Bradley Trost

Nay Merv Tweed

Nay Tim Uppal

Nay Dave Van Kesteren

Didn’t vote Peter Van Loan

Nay Maurice Vellacott

Nay Jose Verner

Nay Mike Wallace

Nay Mark Warawa

Nay Chris Warkentin

Nay Jeff Watson

Nay Rodney Weston

Nay John Weston

Nay Alice Wong

Nay Stephen Woodworth

Nay Lynne Yelich

Nay Terence Young


Nay Andr Arthur

Didn’t vote Helena Guergis


Didn’t vote Stphane Dion

Nay Jim Karygiannis

Didn’t vote Gerard Kennedy

Didn’t vote Derek Lee

Didn’t vote John McKay

Nay Dan McTeague

Didn’t vote Peter Milliken

Didn’t vote Massimo Pacetti

Didn’t vote Francis Scarpaleggia

Didn’t vote Judy Sgro

Nay Alan Tonks

Didn’t vote Bryon Wilfert


Didn’t vote Linda Duncan

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