When Support Groups go Bad #3

Well… After scoring this major victory, Kelly Anna felt on top of the world. However, nature was about to deal Kelly a major blow.

I dont know if it was Karma, Fate, or overwork and worry, but she soon found her self in hospital with a heart attack.

I care about all of us and I tried to go see Kelly. After an hour and a half on the buses, I reached the hospital and found Kelly’s room, but she was not there. She was out on a day pass. Fate, perhaps? As it turned out, I suspect that she probably would not have enjoyed seeing me.

Kelly recovered. To what extent, I do not know, as she will no longer even accept my e-mails.

Then, as her last-gasp effort – to help her feel better about what she had done before being tossed out of the presidency? – she revoked my Life Membership. This is a clear violation of the Gender Mosaic bylaws, as spelled out in Bylaw Article 19, proudly posted on the GM Web site.

Now… If all this was not enough damage done, there was a falling out between the new Executive and the departing one.

Kelly felt hurt, and in a further act of retribution, she denied the group the use of the domain name ‘gendermosiac.ca’. However, the new regime had already registered .com, .net, and .org. This fit the needs and mandate of the new Amanda Ryan/Sophia Cassivi executive, as they do not want only a support group, but also a captive audience and power base for their profit-making Gal’s Spring Fling company.

This sort of illegal activity is not new to Amanda/Sophia they have been doing it for years!

“Spring Fling” is the Registered Trade Mark of Rogers Stadium Limited Partnership, You may remember them as the Toronto Sky Dome (Blue Jays) .

I have, as a good Corporate citizen notified there trade mark lawyer and have been informed, it will brought to the attention of the board of directors for action.

With Rogers Good Luck you will need it, have you ever been late on your cable bill ?

It is my understanding the Amanda/Sophia regime is now planning to incorporate Gender Mosaic as the group gradually moves further and further from friends, help, and support for all involved toward being a commercial enterprise for the benefit of a select few.

I wonder how the GM membership feels about this apparently inevitable evolution?

Fortunately, there is still, and always will be, Gender Freedom as a preserve of sisterhood and support for trans people in the National Capital region.


~ Judy Kearns



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