Survey on Transsexual ‘Personality’

The following is a covering letter accompanying a request for transsexuals to participate in a new survey being conducted by a Carleton University Psychology student, Heather Montgomery. If you are a transsexual at any stage of transition (or even just contemplating transition), your responses will be welcomed and valued by the survey’s administrators.


My name is Heather Montgomery and I am an Undergraduate Psychology Honours student at Carleton University. For my honours thesis, I am looking to explore the relationship between experiences of Transphobia, Transitioning, and Personality. My supervisors are Dr. Johanna Peetz ( and Leslie Helmus (

I am currently looking for male to female and female to male transssexual identified volunteers to participate in a 10-15 minute online study. The study has received approval from the Carleton Research Ethics Board for Psychological Research [Certificate 11-182].

The questionnaire consists of asking questions about demographics (ex: age, gender identity), transitioning (ex: how many people are aware of the participant’s trans identity), experiences of transphobia and how stressful that was (ex: has the participant ever been treated unfairly at work because of his/her trans identity), and personality (ex: a rating of how well a variety of words describes the participant such as “understanding”).

Hopefully this research will help to shed light on some of the experiences of transpeople and help them, their loved ones, and service providers to make sense of these complex processes.

I have attached a simple advertising poster. The questionnaire can be found at I am asking permission to advertise the questionnaire using this poster through your organization. Given the small population of trans identified people, any help in being able to reach potential volunteers would be appreciated.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


Heather Montgomery



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