Why would a Gender Support group Not Celebrate there 30th Aniversary ?

The ? management of Gender Mosaic Inc. has decided to defer the celebration of the 30th  Anniversary  3 months until September.

The reason is simple, money and greed.

The management has a Spring Fling Event that yields them an estimated $100,000.00 +  dollars and would have interfered with that event.

That’s nice bit of change for a non-profit group and the group it’s self does not get any of that money, save a Kick Back, it is not clear if the Kick Back goes to the group or just the Exectve.

Should you attend that event you will be lining there pockets as the ash trays are full now, and they need new cars.

The group has mutated since it start into this Corporation, there is No Support…….Just Money.

This is indeed a very Special Event, it’s So Sad they don’t see that.

To the rescue comes the 1st, 2nd,and Third Presidents, they have setup a Celebration on May 31h for the members of GM, for more information kindly contact genderfreedom@genderfreedom.ca

Huggs always



Gender Mosaic


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