E-list Code of Conduct

Remember the Golden Rule!
Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself


Things to ask yourself before posting in the forum

  • Do I really need to post this?
  • Am I contributing to the conversation in a positive and helpful manner?
  • Has what I am about to post already been discussed, or is it new information?
  • Am I reacting to a perceived insult and, if so, do I really need to respond?
  • Will my post cause harm of any kind to the people who read it?
  • Do I really need to post this?
  • Should I perhaps wait a while before responding to an emotional post?
  • Am I feeding a troll? (Trolls = People who create havoc and post simply for reaction)
  • Is my post more of a private matter, which should be discussed in a more private forum?
  • Am I contributing to the conversation in a positive and helpful manner?
  • And, once again, do I really need to post this?


Items that will NOT be tolerated on the E-list

Here are a few things that members have suggested be included as no-nos in posts to the E-List. There are many that could be listed. However, these basic items cover a large and obvious spectrum of what is considered inappropriate posting content. Moderators will be use this list as their guide to keep the E-List a supportive, informative and respectful place.

Any post, which appears to be made simply to instill anger:

(These include but are not limited to:)

  • Accusations
  • Name calling
  • Taunting or egging on (trolling)
  • Hateful or spiteful comments
  • Racial remarks
  • Homophobic remarks
  • Excessive swearing
  • Slander
  • Sarcasm or belittling commentary
  • Condescending remarks

Disclosure of personal information about another member:

  • Real name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Place of work
  • Pictures
  • Anything which may be considered personal

Personal arguments, (screaming matches):

This means any debate that has turned into a personal discussion, or heated exchange;
items that have no benefit to the community at large, that could be better resolved in a more private forum.


  • Repetitive posting of the same thing over and over again
  • Nonsense posts
  • Posting just for the sake of posting, usually having nothing to do with any discussion at hand. Note: This is a rough description and offers much room for expansion
  • Aggressive Posturing
  • Abusive Posting
  • Threats of any kind
  • Pornography


Bringing up old dead threads or discussions that have been resolved, simply to continue a discussion that causes unneeded and unwanted repetitive debate

Prejudice of any kind will not be tolerated.



Members who violate the Gender Freedom Guidelines to the E-List will be temporarily placed on ‘restricted posting’ status. This means that any future posts by the offending member will have to be approved by a Moderator before they will be allowed on the E-List. This will be for a temporary period only. Members can regain full posting privileges by ensuring that their posts made under moderation meet the Gender Freedom E-list guidelines.

If a member has proven that they are unable to submit posts that meet the basic standards of respect we have all agreed to follow, the member will be placed on ‘read-only’ status. This means that the member will be unable to post anything, not even to the moderators for screening.

In rare cases of extremely abusive posting or repeated abuse of the E-List privileges, the members involved will be removed entirely from the E-List.

A personal post will be sent to the member as well as a general post to the E-List members to explain the nature of the infraction, with the intent of making the reasons clear for the decision to place the member on a restricted posting, read-only or banned status.


Suggested uses

This policy is a guideline and will hopefully help keep the E-List a place for us all to enjoy. The E-list is a potentially great tool with many uses, such as:

  • Event postings
  • Questions
  • Answers
  • Feel good stories
  • Trials and triumphs
  • Positive and helpful information
  • Supportive exchange
  • A way to contact individual members
  • Input from members/ suggestions
  • Anything TG or Gender Freedom related
  • A resource to seek help from other TG on the list
  • A way to keep members in touch with GF efforts
  • A one step tool to post to all GF members in one post

We must remember that this E-List is seen by members and their families. We have a responsibility to make sure what we put on the E-list is there to help us grow, not to hinder or harm.

We’re listening!

Please feel free to contact me directly, Maggie or Judy if you have any suggestions or comments concerning these guidelines.

Lacey May